CGLA Governance Board

CGLA Governance Board

The CGLA Governance Board provides oversight of CGLA operations and guides implementation of the charter accountability plan. Comprised of educational, business, and community leaders, members of the Governance Board bring a broad range of expertise and experience to the tasks of oversight and support for the school's academic and operational goals.

Board Members

Executive Committee

  • Sue Anne Wells • Chair
  • Meredith Perry • Vice Chair
  • Edna Varner • Secretary
  • Pat Farnsley 
  • Grant Law • Treasurer
  • Rickie Pierce
  • Virginia Anne Sharber

Additional Members 

  • Lisa Brock
  • Janiece Cole
  • Lulu Copeland  
  • Gordon Davenport
  • Anthony Doyley
  • Chris Evans
  • Tom Glenn
  • Cheryl Godwin
  • Dr. Martina Harris
  • Mandy Hickey
  • Marissa Huskey
  • Stacy Lightfoot
  • Mary Grey Moses 
  • Margaret Nelson
  • Erskine Oglesby
  • Lynnette Smith
  • Charley Spencer
  • JoAnn Yates