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Mustang Leadership Partners [MLP]

MLP was established in February 2009 to provide girls and young women with an opportunity to develop, practice, and improve relationship skills, responsibility, social accountability, self-awareness and self-confidence—all of which are mirrored in the mustang’s behavior. Providing hands-on science experiences and equestrian training, the MLP program is grounded in the belief that horses are mirrors to our energy systems and teach us important life lessons. The MLP program requires a year-long commitment and dedication to several academic and citizenship standards.

To participate in the MLP program, CGLA students must complete an application and are selected based upon their commitment to the MLP standards and their current academic standing. The program can serve up to sixteen students (eight middle school and eight high school).

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Sue Anne Wells


CGLA robotics consists of FLL, FRC, and VEX robotics teams competing at various levels. Our teams travel to various local, regional, and national competitions. 

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Andrew Meador & Angela Kemp


In December 2014, twenty CGLA students were inducted into the National Beta Club – CGLA Chapter. We salute these young women and the Beta Club standards they represent both academically and as leaders.

The Junior BETA Club is for students in grades 6 – 9 who have maintained an 85 numerical average in their core (language arts, social studies and math) curriculum classes and who have exemplary character that upholds the CGLA standards of success. 

The Senior BETA Club is for students in grades 10 – 12 who meet the same criteria as the Junior members as well as being on track to graduate.

Faculty/Staff Sponsor:

Drama Club

CGLA began a drama club during the 2015-2016 academic year. This group enjoys acting and the art of playwriting.

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: