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Shaw Industries Visits CGLA

Shaw Industries, headquartered in Dalton, Georgia, has volunteered to join CGLA’s Corporate Mentoring Program. Beverly Davis, from Shaw Industries, reached out to Dr. Elaine Swafford, CGLA’s Executive Director, after hearing about CGLA and inquiring how Shaw Industries could help the school. Dr. Swafford saw an immediate fit with CGLA’s Corporate Mentoring Program.

Ashley Hale, CGLA’s Corporate Mentoring Counselor, met with Beverly and together, developed their vision of how this relationship could make the largest impact. Beverly recruited ten women from Shaw Industries and inspired them to get on board. Each of these women have a passion for instilling good work ethics, an excitement for exploring career choices with youth, and are excited about helping CGLA’s young ladies, reach their goals.

Upon taking a tour of the school, observing CGLA students in action, and lunch with Dr. Swafford, the plan was firmly established and put into motion. The ladies from Shaw left this experience completely sold on the idea that they had landed right where they were supposed to be, and that mentoring was the perfect fit.