CGLA Summer Reading 

Dear Student...

In keeping with the vision to immerse you in reading, writing, and thinking, we require a challenging and compelling summer reading program. The purpose of summer reading is to feed your imaginations so that you become engaged in the CGLA community of readers. The books we have selected are high interest, grade-level appropriate selections that, for the most part, do not require the guidance of a teacher. If you have trouble reading your selections, you will be able to receive help during Summer Enrichment Academy.

This year, you will be required to read one common text that will be incorporated into the ELA program and one additional text that you choose from your grade-level list. For each of your two selections, you must complete one of the activities attached to this list. Choose a different activity for each selection. You may earn extra credit points for choosing to read more from the list. Completing activities for extra credit selections is optional.  If you’re not sure what to select as your required choice selection, please confer with your teacher.

In addition, our school is participating in a fun summer reading project; the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. This summer-long reading campaign is designed to motivate you to read more to maintain and improve your academic skills. It is also an attempt to set a new world record for the most minutes read this summer. The world record attempt begins May 4 and concludes September 4, 2015. The total logged reading minutes, along with the top 20 schools, will be published in the 2016 edition of theScholastic Book of World Records. Also, CGLA will be awarding certificates and prizes for our top readers.  For this challenge, you may choose to read any additional books from your grade-level list, from the selections you may have purchased from the book fair or from the Scholastic catalogue.

Enjoy your summer reading!

ELA Department