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CGLA 2019 Reward School

2019 Reward School

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BlueCross Healthy Place at Highland Park

BlueCross Healthy Place at Highland Park 

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CGLA Students 19-20

CGLA Kicks Off School Year

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Mustang Pride!

STEAM Education

Preparing for the future

At the cornerstone of a CGLA education is STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math). We feel as though this push to develop #STEMgirls is necessary given the bleak statistics portraying women in various STEM post-secondary programs and careers.



Academic rigor is essential to our students' growth! Providing them with challenging work is important and prepares them to be successful as they graduate from CGLA. This rigor has also provided countless scholarship opportunities that help fund their continued education.



Building Bonds 

One of our top goals at CGLA is to build a sisterhood among our students through efforts such as our Peer2Peer Mentoring program. We feel as though these bonds  will last a lifetime and empower our students for years to come.