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Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

CGLA is home to an amazing family of faculty and staff members that work each day to improve the lives of our students.

Staff & Administration

Dr. Elaine Swafford

Chief Executive Officer

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Maryo Beck


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Rose Arnwine

Administrative Assistant

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Justin Booker

Director, Community Engagement & Athletic Director

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Ezekiel Burke

IT Administrator

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Leigha Conley

Wellness Coordinator

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John Giles

Custodial/Maintenance Supervisor

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Jeanne Hinchee, MBA

Director, Accounting & Finance

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Tiawana Berry

Operations Assistant

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Diario Jackson

Data Stratistician | Co-Athletic Director

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Peggy Cash

Payroll Specialist

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Sue Anne Wells, Ph.D


Kelli Fulton

Assistant Principal

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Kim Beene

Finance & Accounting Associate

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Shadrina Booker, MA Ed.

Director, Operations

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Tiffany Holland

Finance Assistant

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Catherine Clifford

Development Coordinator

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Charmaine Reid

Administrative Assistant

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GeGe Harris

Registrar/Parent Coordinator

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Debra Torres

Teacher Residency Coach/Dean of Students

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Chelsea McCarty

Development Assistant

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Devan Hanyon

IT/Tech Assistant

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Jamie Kinsey

Afterschool Program Coordinator

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Faculty • Counselors • Academic Coaches

Jean Anne Gardener

Literacy Coach

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Holly Robinson

High School Science

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Chelcee Broersma

6th Grade Social Studies

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Alyssa Brinkmeier

High School Math

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Agnes Colon


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Mallory Ellington

8th Grade Language Arts

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Erin Varnell

High School Social Studies

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Christopher Grainger

High School Social Studies

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Adam Kirby

Art Instructor

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Hannah Pell

8th Grade Science

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Dana Lail

Physical Education & Health

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Shelbi Standridge

High School English

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Kimberly Wright

8th Grade Math

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Kenneth Seigle

Exceptional Education

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Jennifer Semanco

High School English

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Kandy Williams

Reading Intervention

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Jim Zidan

Bible History

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Simone Harris

6th Grade Math

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Courtney Donlon

ACT & College Prep

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Mary Ann Nelson

Exceptional Education

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Scott Price

High School Math

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Katherine Archambault

Library/Media Center

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Christel Young

STEM/Computer Science

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Alicia Self

7th Grade Math

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Charles Cole

High School Science

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Penelope Dalton

HS Grade Math

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Shayla Davidson-Brown

College & Career Counselor

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Kelsey Fowler

High School Math

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Ismahen Kadrie


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Sarah Pearson


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Aldo Heredia


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Aseneth Scott

7th Grade Social Studies

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Jessica McIntyre

7th Grade Science

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Phoebe Mount

6th Grade Science

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Kelly Pennell

7th Grade Language Arts

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Michael Prater


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Mark Self

8th Grade Social Studies

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Katherine Warwick

6th Grade Language Arts

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Shalon Hannah


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Martha Wayland

Academic Coach

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Juanita Delpino

Academic Coach

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Magean Buchanan

Jobs for TN Graduates

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