BlueCross Healthy Place Highland Park

About the BlueCross Healthy Place at Highland Park

The BlueCross Healthy Place at Highland Park will serve as a place where CGLA, Chattanooga Preparatory School, and the Highland Park Community can come together, play, exercise, and build healthy relationships! Housed on CGLA's campus, this space will boast, multiple age-appropriate playgrounds, athletic courts (basketball and tennis), athletic field, fitness track, concessions building complete with restrooms, fitness zones, community pavilion, and challenge course.

With construction beginning soon, this new facility is set to be available for use in 2020.

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Highland Park students, neighbors celebrate start to new $5 million athletic complex

Eleventh grader Christina Fischborn stood on her school's athletic field Wednesday morning and recalled a time she was playing soccer after a hard rain.

"I went to go save one of the balls, and I fell. When I stood up, all my clothes were just soaking wet. Because the field is kind of at an angle, so the water just doesn't have anywhere to escape," said Fischborn, who plays soccer and lacrosse....READ MORE